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Ep.24. Steve Hubbard. Reviving the Church

Ep.24. Steve Hubbard. Reviving the Church

Pastor Steve Hubbard of Ebenezer Baptist Church in Logan, Ohio talks about the history of the church and when they began to recognize the need to start doing things differently.  Without even realizing it, Ebenezer Baptist found themselves in the middle of a church revitalization process. Steve goes on to discuss several keys for his church including Prayer, Community awareness, and Leadership development.

Resources Mentioned:

SCBO Church Revitalization: https://www.scbo.org/revive

NAMB Church Replanting – https://www.namb.net/church-replanting/

SBC Church Revitalization Network – https://church-revitalization.com/about-the-program/

Steve Hubbard photo
Steve Hubbard