Ep34. Daniel Henderson. Prayer Summit.

Ep34. Daniel Henderson. Prayer Summit.

Daniel Henderson is a champion for corporate prayer.  As president and founder of Strategic Renewal and The 6:4 Fellowship he has spent the past several years building awareness of this important but often underutilized function within the church. Ohio churches have been blessed by his leadership in this area and we are looking forward to more opportunities to experience corporate prayer under his guidance.

Daniel will be returning next to Ohio on March 6, 2020 for a Prayer Summit event in the Cuyahoga Valley. Use this links below to learn more about upcoming events.

Resources Mentioned:
Strategic Renewal: https://www.strategicrenewal.com/
The 6:4 Fellowship
: https://www.strategicrenewal.com/64-fellowship/
Prayer Summit event in Ohio: https://www.scbo.org/event/prayer-summit-daniel-henderson

Contact Info:
Strategic Renewal
PO Box 370233
Denver, CO 80237

Daniel Henderson

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