Ep29. Randy Chestnut. Kingdom Perspective for Dayton, Ohio.

Ep29. Randy Chestnut. Kingdom Perspective for Dayton, Ohio.

Randy Chestnut shares his heart for the city of Dayton, Ohio and its surrounding communities.  Tremendous devastation took place in the summer of 2019 with a rash of powerful tornadoes which only added to existing social turmoil affecting the region. Now Randy has an even greater burden to resource volunteers to share the good news of Jesus Christ while meeting physical needs and bringing the community together. There is a call right now for people to come to Dayton Ohio because the soil is right!

Resources Mentioned:
Greater Dayton Baptist Association: 937-233-3947 – missionary@gdab.org
Local tornado relief efforts: https://www.dayton.com/news/local/tornado-relief-how-you-can-help/fhfPMN6EiNYC2IBdPtRtwL/

Randy Chestnut’s Contact Info:
937-479-6187 – hope4dayton@gmail.com

Randy Chestnut - portrait
Randy Chestnut

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